Logo of SNT

The main headquarters of the National Television of Spila are situated in the urban municipality of Giniješke Carine, Carine City, Capitalia. It's the biggest TV station in Spila. SNT also holds three regional TV stations in Indipendia (TV Townston), Continentia (TV Continentia) and the only TV station in Bedingfieldia - TV Seljačka.

SNT and the Nation Song Contest

Spilian National Television organized every Spilian preselection for NSC. The first representatives were chosen internally, and the next ones in the National Finals. SNT also financed a promo tour for the NSC5 entrant Justin Timberlake, which has shown to be very successful by far. He is scheduled to visit almost every participating country, some before and some after the Contest. After the unsuccessful performance SNT announced a new format for the National Final for NSC6. Each Spilian state had a semifinal organized by the regional TV stations held by SNT (except in Eastern Escotia, where the semi will be organized by the independent Eastern Escotia Tele). The song that represented Capitalia, on behalf of SNT, was Rihanna's "Umbrella". It won the national final and was the official Spilian entry for NSC6 in Bokia. It was placed 2nd in the finals, but due to the fact that the winner won't be able to organize the event, it will be held in Spila for the first time.

SNT and the Nation Song Contest: Eurovision Special

SNT decided to organize a NSC Spinoff Contest where the nations can only submit songs that participated in an Eurovision Song Contest before. It has the same rules as the Nation Song Contest, just the song rule is different. A lot of interest is shown in various countries for this contest.

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