"Spills and Chills" is a US VHS/DVD Bob The Builder release includes stories and songs distributed by Hit Entertainment in 2003.


  • Bertie The Hopper Truck
  • Tipper The 4-6-0 B12 Steam Engine
  • Lucky's Ghost Vehicle
  • Annie The Tipper Truck
  • Belle The Dump Truck
  • Old Billy
  • Tiger Mat the Melbourne W2 Class Tram
  • Tiger Mat's Motorman
  • Boulder


  • Spud's Discovery
  • Lucky and The Boulder
  • Duck Gets Spooked
  • Stanley Gets Lost
  • Haunted Lofty
  • Bob's Holiday


  • Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining


  • Interpol FBI Warning Screens
  • Hit Entertainment Logo
  • Kipper Promo
  • The Wiggles Promo
  • Angelina Ballerina Promo
  • A Christmas To Remember Promo
  • Bob Saves The Day Promo
  • Digging For Treasure Promo
  • Building Friendships Promo
  • The Knights Of Fix-A-Lot Promo
  • Tool Power Promo
  • Teamwork Promo
  • Can Do Crew Promo
  • Bob The Builder Bonus Video Promo
  • Bob's Friends and Family Promo
  • Travis and The Magic Roadway Promo
  • Bob The Builder Fan Club Commercial
  • Bob The Builder Live (4 Songs UK)
  • Our Feature Presentation Logo
  • Bob The Builder Opening Theme

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