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The following was recorded by Gratcia some few months ago. Many things may have changes since then but most of the information remains to be true.

Guild Info

Name: SpiritBreakers

Leader: Conleroth (Nukora)

Typical Alignment: Good; Defeat BoA/BoD. After, peace, unless new enemy arrises.

Current allies: Nogan Exiles (Nidhiki99, Raptor, vakshaga)

Leadership Structure: (1) Conleroth, (2) Norjhiko, (3) Donum, (4) Duplium, (5) Jadus, (6) Blur, Blaze, Cain Rellik, Derxa, (7) Rehcar, Carlos, Gratcia, (8) Kreha, Medium Matoran 2 (9)Tall Matoran, Medium Matoran 1

System of Government: This is a war-based government led by the highest ranking officers. In the absence (mental or physical) of the High General, another General of Admiral will take his place until his return (forever if he does not return).

Region: Current bases in Ta-Terros and Zwalheider.

More Information:


Norjhiko, Conleroth, Donum, and Duplium don’t talk much about their past, but when needed, they reveal a little information about themselves, and how they reached the shores of Terros-Nui. Now, we have gathered enough information to share with you.

The SpiritBreakers have revealed that they were founded by a member of the Order of Mata-Nui whose name has long since been forgotten. He is often called the Spirit of Freedom, so, by using their native language, the current SpiritBreakers use the name Liberus when they speak of their OoMN founder.

Liberus set the group of Toa, which he called Toa Mevo, which is in part the name of their language, on an island where they would work to achieve their purpose: freeing all undead under evil sway. Several groups had been sent out on different island to do so. Many died. But the main terror was yet to come.

A horde of Visorak, led by a group of Kahgarak and Roodaka, though she was very indirect in this siege, was set upon destroying or taking the island. This was because of a rumor that the Toa Mevo, SpiritBreakers, were there to protect a rich ore underneath the island’s surface. The Visorak, burnt the island several times, but the Toa were persistent. The war raged. The Toa got more desperate. Finally, aided by two former Dark Hunters Donum and Duplium, two of the Toa led a team into battle in the Visorak camp. Most Toa died in the desperate plunge, but the Visorak retreated.

There are only four survivors currently known from that battle: Donum and Duplium, the Dark Hunters, and the two leaders: Norjhiko and Conleroth. The latter two deployed themselves onto an island rampaged by evil undead: Terros Nui, where they now have a New Order, of several beings.

Military & Organization

The current SpiritBreaker military is broken into four divisions, though only two are in service as of the date of writing. It is of my opinion that Norjhiko and Conleroth are waiting for more members before they greatly split their forces.

The first division to be founded on Terros-Nui is the Terratic forces, or the Terratives. The name is derived from their language, the Mevopen language, and has some connection with earth. It is similar to the army and has weapons such as wooden-mounted slingshots, and living Rahkshi armor. Ranks in the Terratives contain General, Superist, Júbenant, and Trooper.

Most recently put into action, and commanded by Donum is the Fugaten Forces, or the Fugatonics. It’s name has a connection with flight, and not with air. You and I might call it the Air Force, but all ranks and division names have been based off of Mevopen. It currently has a living airship, which has Vohtorak invulnerability and regeneration and is mounted with Petra’s cannon, which can produce Sonic Shots, Light Shots, or Shadow Shots. The ranks given to officers of the Fugatonics are the same as those that can be given to a Terratic, with the exception of the lowest rank, which is the Aerial Trooper.

One of the currently planned, but not running divisions is the Aquatic Forces. These weapons may someday include large battleships, or small canoes which sail along the slick water to meet the enemy’s forces. The ranks, however, for this not-yet-existing division are different. They contain Admiral, Imperist, and Lieutenant. The lowest rank is a Seaman.

The Geufan Forces also contain the same ranks as the Aquatics, with (once again) the exclusion of the lowest rank which is here changed to Fireman. It is not known what weapons this division may include. It is only known that they will be fire-resistant boats used to sail on the lava if ever the enemy meets us there.

Please also note, that while I have explained the ranks, and divisions of the military, that different ranks and different divisions will receive different powers from Donum. It is a rewarding system to keep our troops doing good for us. Also, the SpiritBreakers have set up a defense division and spy squad.


Anyone: To see Shades.

Territives: (Territic) High General: Mind Control General: Telekinesis Secondary General: Shielding Lower General: Gravity Junior General: Regeneration, Stealth Superist: Fear, Hallucination Vision Junior Superist: Weakens, Stone Júbenant: Teleportation, Earth 2nd Júbenant: Electric bubbling, Speed Lower Júbenant: Removes Poison, Detection Jr. Júbenant: Heat and Cold resistance Trooper: Vohtarak invulnerability, Strength

Fugatonics: (Fugaten)

High General: Mind Control General: Telekinesis Secondary General: Shielding Lower General: Gravity Jr. General: Regeneration, Stealth Superist: Weakens, Air Junior Superist: Flight, Hallucination Vision Júbenant: Teleportation, Removes Poison 2nd Júbenant: Electric bubbling, Speed Lower Júbenant: Hawkeye vision, bombs, Detection Jr. Júbenant: Accuracy, guns, Aerial Trooper: Levitation, Strength

Aquatives: (Auquatic)

Great Admiral: Mind Control Admiral: Telekinesis Secondary Admiral: Shielding Lower Admiral: Gravity, Density Control Jr. Admiral: Regeneration, Lightning Imperist: Weakens, Water Jr. Imperist: Hallucination Vision Lieutenant: Teleportation, hawkeye 2nd Lietenant: Electric bubbling, Speed Lower Lieutenant: Detection, bombs Jr. Lieutenant: Accuracy, guns Seaman: Strength, Water Breathing

Spy Squad: Teleportation, Night Vision, Stealth, Mimicry, Detection

Mission & Morals

The following paragraphs have been carved to explain where the SpiritBreakers would stand in any guild wars. I have questioned each of the four leaders many times over about this, so I believe that I can give others a pretty good idea of the SpiritBreaker ideas.

First off, the obvious fact that they hate the Brotherhood of Ak’Rei’An and are determined to free it’s undead or destroy it’s forces absolutely drives them to most of their decisions. But, once the BoA is defeated, they are going to be very peaceful unless a new evil arrives. They have been waging a war on them for some time now and it is expected that they will for some time to come.

Secondly, there is a chance of allying with other guilds. Some they probably never will, some they would like to ally with. They would only ally with the Kessels if they got very desperate to defeat the BoA. They would be relunctant to side with the Atarangi, though they would prefer it over the Kessels. They’re not sure about the Manipulators, but it turns out that that guild would never accept them anyway, as they are “normals”. The Ravagers are out of the question.

They may consider a Destrian alliance in the future, though they haven’t asked yet. They would like to ally with CORtech, but that guild is currently allied with the Brotherhood, so that possibility is ruled out for the time being. They have heard that the Kedervi Vanguard once attacked the BoA, and thus are interested in their service. The SpiritBreakers may be interested in the Navitas, but perhaps the war would drive that guild away. The same can be said about PheonixFlame. Zuto-Nui is very iffy (kind of like Russia in WWII).

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