Spirit, also called "Lupine" or "The Lupine" is a Death Watcher who hails from Hadeas. He has long, unmanaged hair that drapes over his face and a build similar to Brenn's, tall and lean. He has shown a hatred towards Brenn, going so far as to claim his life's purpose is to end him. It is later revealed that he, akin to his name, is a Lupine, or Wolf-sworn, a member of a small but dangerous Hadean tribe that worship the Primal aspects of nature, rather than the Restorative and Retributive aspects used by hunters and druids. The Lupines are the only tribe on Hadeas not only to refuse to revere Sidh, but to go so far as to loathe him. In his stead, they pay homage to Tannacht, the father of the Lupines (and later revealed brother of Sidh.) Spirit was born in the Wolf-sworn tribe without a name, for Lupines sometimes refuse to give a name to their pups until they have earned it. So, after he left his tribe to spy on the Lenihans, he chose the name "Thul'Ainn", meaning "Blessed child". The Lenihans took advantage of his seemingly unknown background to enroll the boy in Lucian Academy, a prestigious school for rich Tzranians and "Loyal" Hadeans. There he used his newly formed bonds with Tzranian youth to gather information on the whereabouts of several influential figures. Spirit was not bloodthirsty by nature, so after being the cause of numerous assassinations and terrorist acts he left the school on a food transport vessel, and went missing for months. Hadean officials in the area, in order to avoid causing a rupture in Tzranian trust, blamed the incident on Lenihans. Spirit would later show up when arbiter enacts Operation: Black Steel, at first headed by Yurimaru, where the Thassilian military attempts to capture a Death Watcher for interrogation. Blinded by his hatred after seeing the green hair on Brenn's head, Spirit fell for their trap and was taken to a prison complex in Thassilia. Spirit fooled his captors by exchanging information (which turned out to be faulty) for a room with a view, so he could "Read under the Moonlight." When exposed to the moon, Spirit showed his captors, as well as the Sunrise forces present, the true power of the Lupines, when he used the moonlight to morph in to a monstrous wolf-man, a form that his clan can achieve with either exposure to moonlight or blood from anyone but another Hadean. The beast ripped through the guards, and bested Brenn, Sunrises best knight. After escaping the prison, he left a note from Geist, a Declaration of War on the Neo-Loknarri and anyone who got in a Death Watcher's way. From this, Take was able to realize that Spirit allowed himself to be captured so he could infiltrate Thasillia's capital to demoralize them and formally declare war on Lin. Spirit is a normally calm individual, actually acting unbefitting of a fighter. He is easily frightened by most things, and seems to cower easily. However, Spirit is bipolar, and during battle (or around Brenn) shifts into a bloodthirsty killer. This attitude is taken to a new level in his Worg Form, where he is unable to stop even himself from killing. He is, however, easily able to direct his violent outbursts, and has not yet harmed his comrades in this form.

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