Wolf Brother/Soul Eater.

Spirit Walker is the second book in the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series by Michelle Paver.

Publisher's Summary

A cry echoed through the forest. He froze. It was not the yowl of a vixen, or a lynx seeking a mate. It was a man. Or something that had once been a man. With a creeping sense of dread, Torak watched the light between the trees begin to fail ...

Torak is a boy apart. A boy who can talk to wolves. A boy who must vanquish the Soul Eaters ... or die trying. As the Moon of No Dark waxes high, the clans fall prey to a horrifying sickness. Fear stalks the Forest. The very breath of summer seems poisoned. No-one knows the cause - and only Torak can find the cure. His quest takes him across the sea to the mysterious islands of the Seal Clan. Here Torak battles an unseen maenace and uncovers a betrayal that will change his life forever.

Changes from Wolf Brother

It is now summer. Torak now lives with Ravens. He shares a shelter with a man named Oslak. Wolf is gone, living in the mountains with his new pack. The demon bear is dead and the Raven leader Fin-Kedinn has forbid anyone to speak of it again.

Plot Summary

WARNING: Spoiler warning!
This article contains plot, storyline, character, etc., details.

Torak went out hunting the forest on his own. Suddenly, an auroch appeared with her calf, then a Boar Clan hunter came out of the bushes on the other side. The man was hunting the auroch, much to Torak's suprise. Torak managed to distsct the auroch then he wet to the man. The man, who was Boar Clan, had a horrible sickness and warned Torak "It is coming. Sickness." Torak rushed back to the Raven Camp.

Torak returns to the Raven camp and tells Fin-Kedinn about the sickness. After this, Oslak gets the sickness. At his healing ceromony, he scratches the sign of the Soul-Eaters into the dust. Oslak is locked away with another Raven who has caught the sickness. Torak believes atht the Soul-Eaters are causing the sickness and runs away to try and stop them. He leaves behind a pebble with his clan tattoo on for Renn so she knows he's left. Renn is bitten by a strange child while hunting. She tells Saeunn who informs her it is a tokoroth: a child captured and then turned into a demon. Renn sets off to warn Torak.

Meanwhile, Torak is nearing the Deep Forest. He is being followed by what he calls the follower. He builds a shelter which a tree then falls on. Someone had cut the tree down and tred to kill him. Later, Torak is attacked by a boar and only escapes by killing it. He finds the boar was angry as it had been shot with darts. Torak is then captured by members of the Forest Horse clan, who initially think Torak killed the boar intentionally. When he explains, they tell him the name "tokoroth", and send him back towards the sea. When he reaches the shore, he sets up fishing lines, but is captured by three boys Detlan, Bale and Asrif. They take him to their island so that he can be punished for the crime of mixing Forest and Sea. The Seal Clan Mage, Tenris, takes a great interest in Torak, and argues against Torak's expected punishment.

Spoilers end here.

Critical Acclaim

'Compelling.' Sunday Times.

'Another gripping, taut adventure in an ancient world.' Herald.

'It's a classic plus - boy journeys nad struggles towards truth with faithful animal friend - but so well done, so fully visualised with so few brush strokes and cliche-free.' TES.

'Every little detail or snippet of description is well calculated and elegantly handled by Michelle Paver ... the the perfect concotion of action and narrative is what makes this book so attractive ... a first-class story.' Daily Telegraph.

'The story grips you like a wolf's jaws and won't let go ... superb.'. The Times..

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