The Spiritual Democratic Movement is a major political party in Vovatra. Its official color is Blue-green.


SDM was founded in September 1 AU, closely following its "sister party", the Justice Movement.

Political Position

The Spiritual Democratic Movement was founded as a party to promote the ideals of The Religion, the primary religion in Vovatra. As such, it is generally centrist and is willing to work with most other parties, but is often hostile to rival religious groups.

The Religion

The primary belief system in Vovatra incorporates several ideas:

  • The most primary is Va, or Intention. It is believed that all actions are intended, but those intentions are only ever partially revealed to Humanity. The primary goal of life should be to follow what is intended for one's self, and intentions are different for each individual. All beliefs are accepted, and are viewed simply as different intentions.
  • Note that intention is not predestination, and humans still have total free will. However, not following what is intended often results in negative results, or Vu.
  • There is no deity in The Religion; all discussion of intent must occur in the passive voice. E.g. "It is intended that. . . "

Most political philosophies in Vovatra are defined as "intentions" or "interpretations". For example, Green philosophy is an interpretation of the intention to interact harmoniously with nature and the planet. Economically rightist philosophy is an interpretation of a perceived intention to have free will over one's possessions.

Geographic Spread

The Spiritual Democratic Movement is most heavily concentrated on the Moon Peninsula, which is home to Moon City, the spiritual center of the planet and home to the Moon Temple, a common building where all may worship as they please.

SDM also has supporters among the religious and spiritual across the globe.


SDM is the smallest of the three members of the Spiritual Center. It is also the most religiously-based of the three.


The Spiritual Democratic Movement has about 7.2% of votes, making it the sixth-largest party in Vovatra. It has 7 lower-house seats and one of the eight upper-house seats.

As a member of the Spiritual Center, it is in the governing coalition on the national level.

SDM also controls most towns on the Moon Peninsula, and has every seat on the council in Moon City. It also supports Spiritual Center local governments around the world.

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