SpongeBob SquarePants and Finding Nemo Crossover is a 2012 American animated film that has 2 storys in the screen. The first movie, SpongeBob and Patrick Story will aired on September 8, 2012 and the second movie, Marlin and Dory Story will aired on TBA, 2013.


SpongeBob and Patrick Story




Mr. Krabs

King Neptune



The Cyclops

David Hasselhoff


Mrs. Puff




Marlin and Dory Story



SpongeBob and Patrick Story

It's spring cleaning day again and SpongeBob works diligently again on his house. When he takes out his garbage, Patrick reprimands him for letting go of all these sentimental items. After pondering the concept, SpongeBob agrees and goes to the Krusty Krab mopping. He adds too much mustard to the Krabby Patty. Mr. Krabs isn't happy with this, however, he assumes SpongeBob is a failure. So Mr. Krabs sends SpongeBob home to get more cryin'.

SpongeBob and Patrick are so sad that Mr. Krabs kicks SpongeBob in home they decide to meet go in Sandy's Treedome. At her Treedome, Sandy was so scared because the two fishes are coming and SpongeBob, Patrick, Marlin, and Dory bonk each other. After getting hurt, Dory tells everyone to split up.

When they got split up, SpongeBob and Patrick take the "Patty Wagon", a car shaped like a Krabby Patty. By the following day, Plankton envise SpongeBob and Patrick, and states he tried every plan in his cabinet from "A to Y". They are actually 26 letters of the alphabet, and Plankton doesn't notice it at first, but Karen, his computer wife, tells him. Plankton finds "Plan Z" in the back of the drawer. He thinks it's his best plan yet. 7 hours later, they soon reach a gas station located on the country line, where the hillbilly owners laugh at them, finding the duo and their vehicle stupid. They tell SpongeBob and Patrick that they wouldn't last ten seconds over the country line. When SpongeBob and Patrick cross the line, their car is immediately stolen by a thug. SpongeBob and Patrick then realize that they lasted to twelve seconds, and begin laughing at the hillbillies, who are dumbfounded by their idiocy, as they continue on foot.

Later than evening, Squidward sees that everyone is wearing helmet buckets and after a woman tells him that Plankton is giving them free with the Krabby Patties, he goes to confront Plankton, telling him that Plankton was the one who stole King Neptune's crown to get the Krabby Patty formula and decides to report him to King Neptune but before he leaves the Chum Bucket, Plankton activates a mind-control device, revealing that the bucket helmets are mind controlling helmets. Squidward tries to escape but the slaved citizens corner and capture him, taking down the last opposition to Plankton in Bikini Bottom and transforms the city into "Planktopolis".

Then, a professional hitman named, Dennis to ensure that SpongeBob and Patrick do not reach Shell City. Later, they find a car parked at the "Thug Tug", a bar for tough, muscular fish. SpongeBob has Patrick distract the thugs so he can get the key. (Unfortunately, Patrick just said, "I have to to go to the bathroom", making SpongeBob unsuccessful, and getting his hands dirty in the process.) SpongeBob heads for the bathroom to wash his hands, when he uses the soup dispenser, it produces bubbles. SpongeBob and Patrick begin having a "Bubble Party", but one bubble floats over the leader of the "Thug Tug", who reminds the other pars patrons of the policy that all "Bubble Blowing Babies" will be severely beaten. The leader goes on a "Bubble Blowing Baby Hunt" by turning on the Goofy Goober Theme Song, where the first person to start singing is determined to be the culprit. SpongeBob and Patrick struggle not to start singing, then the owner starts singing it to SpongeBob and Patrick, causing SpongeBob's eyes to water and Patrick to start melting, and they are only saved when Siamese Twins burst out in song. The other thugs begin beating them, allowing SpongeBob and Patrick to steal the key amidst the confusion and depart.

The next day, Neptune arrives at the Krusty Krab after receiving evidence planted by Plankton of Mr. Krabs stealing his crown, which is a note saying, I stole your crown, Signed, Eugene Krabs. Mr. Krabs denies stealing the crown, but a message then plays on the phone of a man thanking Mr. Krabs for giving him a crown and saying that he sold it to the Shell City. This call is actually for Plankton. Neptune gets REALLY angry and plans to freeze Mr. Krabs to a frozen solid.

SpongeBob and Patrick are traveling through a field of skulls, laughing over their victory at the Thug Tug. This see an Ice Cream Stand, but when SpongeBob goes to order, the old lady running the stand is revealed to be the tongue of a monstrous Frogfish using the Ice Cream Stand as bait. SpongeBob and Patrick are chased by a large sea monster, eventually driving off a cliff and getting out of the car just in time. The Frogfish is lured off the edgem and subsequently is eaten by an even larger beast that is a gigantic sea serpent that appears from the trench.

Meanwhile, Dennis is at the "Thug Tug" outside. He blows bubble and sees them, but the leader tells him not to blow bubbles. He snapped to the thugs saying do not blow bubbles, but Dennis punched the leader and the thug tug was destroyed and Dennis rides away from the thugs.

While SpongeBob and Patrick are falling in the trench without fear, they're going to Shell City dead ahead (singing, "Now That We're Men"). Meanwhile, Dennis is going through the field of skulls to meet SpongeBob and Patrick. Next, they meet up with Dennis on the other side. He rips off their fake mustaches and explains to them that they are not really men, and prepares to kill them by crushing them under his boot. However, before he can do so, Dennis himself is crushed by a gigantic boot, belonging to a monstrous scuba driver named, "The Cyclops", who abducts SpongeBob and Patrick to the surface.

2000 years later, Plankton rips the chalender, March 14, but is not right he says today is "Mr. Krabs fries". Plankton gets so excited, while King Neptune is about to burn Mr. Krabs, but Mindy says, "I'm not stalling" and King Neptune says, "Your stalling". He had enough to do that. He sends Mindy outside the Krusty Krab, locked in the door.

SpongeBob and Patrick wake up in a goldfish bowl filled with freshwater and sedimentary pebbles. They see the Cyclops making "knick-knacks" from dead sea creatures, much to their horror, and are soon taken out of the bowl and puts on a table under a heat lamp, and start to dry up. When they skipped to SpongeBob and Patrick dying, the "Tear of the Goofy Goober" slides down a wire into the power outlet, causing it to short circuit and let out smoke, which rises up and activates the sprinkler system, causing all the sea creature to reanimate. As the sea creatures (which include a mariachi band playing a song from Mexico) beat up "The Cyclops," SpongeBob and Patrick grab the crown and carry it out the beach. There, SpongeBob reads the manual of the bag of winds, and Patrick accidentally releases it, leaving them standed on the beach. However, David Hasselhoff arrives and carries them across the ocean on his back.

On the way back home, the big boot belonging to the same driver that kidnapped them rises up sea, and an angry Dennis emerges from below it, intent on finishing the job and goes after Patrick and SpongeBob with his dagger in hand. He corners SpongeBob who attempts to reason with Dennis (by bribing him with five Goober dollars); Dennis is uninterested, so SpongeBob proceeded to more offers - including a bubble-blower that sent a steam of bubbles to Dennis' eyes, blinding him and making him even angrier. But just as he is about to stomp on them with his boot, he ends up getting knocked into the ocean by a floating sailboat as the duo arrive over Bikini Bottom. Hasselhoff opens his pectoral muscles and prepares countsown and shoots the duo down into Bikini Bottom at fast speed, where they crash through the roof of the Krusty Krab, the crown deflecting the trident blast that nearly kills Mr. Krabs, and ends up burning Hasselhoff.

Plankton failed at SpongeBob, Patrick, and Mr. Krabs (frozen by King Neptune moving) and the cops put him in a little cage and takes him away. Squidward suggests to SpongeBob that he has learned that he doesn't really need to be the manager of the Krusty Krab 2, but SpongeBob eagerly takes the position anyway.

When, SpongeBob and Patrick are traveled to the Reef, they meet them again and Nemo leaves for school, with Marlin telling him to "go have an adventure."

Marlin and Dory Story



Tom Kenny - SpongeBob SquarePants / Gary the Snail

Bill Fagerbakke - Patrick Star

Mr. Lawrence - Sheldon J. Plankton

Clancy Brown - Eugene H. Krabs

Rodger Bumpass - Squidward Tentacles

Carolyn Lawrence - Sandy Cheeks

Jeffery Tambor - King Neptune

Scarllet Johnson - Princess Mindy

Alec Baldwn - Dennis

The Old Lady


The Cyclops

David Hasselhoff - Himself


This is the first movie will aired on September 8, 2012.

This is the second movie will aired on TBA 2013.

This is the 3rd TV movie I saw in full screen.


SpongeBob and Patrick Story (Transcript)

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