It was summertime in Toontown, and things were going well. The trains were on time, and the passengers were mostly happy. However, the characters had quite a predicament on their hands. A few weeks earlier, there had been a terrible fire on Star Finder. The characters suspected that Chick Hicks caused it, but they weren't sure. Instead of trying to solve it to the remains, Bob the Tomato had decided to just rebuild them entirely. The characters agreed, but unfortunately, this required a lot of work. Every day, wood and packages of wood appeared at the docks. The characters had to work very hard. "Pah," said Baljeet. "This is ridiculous. We didn't even start the fire, and Bob the Tomato has been making us clean up the mess." Homer laughed. "Pah, Baljeet." he said "You need to stop bickering. Bob the Tomato is very nice. You know why? He coulda just trashed the remains of the garage doors so we could sleep in the garage doors of Springfield! But he's nice, and he would never do that." "Whatever," said Baljeet. "I'm just tired of all this work." And he walked off to the garage doors to rest. Homer walked off, too. After many weeks, the garage doors were finally complete. And they looked glorious. The characters were all very impressed. They took their respective spots in the doors. "Goodness me," said Toaster. "The doors are so nice!" "And clean," said the Lorax. "And tidy," said Jimmy. "And warm," said Timmy. Bob the Tomato walked over. "I'm happy you are all pleased with my garage doors. I even added two mini-doors so that more people could sleep." "And sidings over here," said Robotboy. "They're glorious!" "No problem," said Bob the Tomato. "I'm glad you like them. Anyway, just remember, if you guys see Chick Hicks the racecar anywhere, tell me. I know he's here somewhere. I'm sure he has not got out of town yet." And the characters agreed. While many characters had helped, five troublesome overrated characters had not. Plankton, Scratch, Grounder, Happy and Dipper were on strike and they refused to help. Winnie the Pooh dropped by. "Why can't you just help us?" "Help with what?" asked Grounder. "With rebuilding the doors." "The doors are already rebuilt," said Happy. "Yeah," said Pooh. "But you didn't help us in the first place!" "And why do you new guys get the doors?" "Bob had used the leftover wood to build new sheds," said Plankton. "It doesn't matter. This spot is now our overdoors!" Bob, however, didn't have any notice of the characters. "Please don't worry about them," said Bob the Tomato. "I can't punish them, since they are already in the doors,

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