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  • Sonic as Spongebob
  • Tails as Patrick
  • Espio as Squidward
  • Vector as Larry, the Waiter Fish, the Photographer Fish and Barnacle Boy
  • Shadow as Plankton, Flats and Tom
  • Ella as Mrs. Puff
  • Cream as Nancy
  • Charmy as Timmy and Gary
  • Cosmo as Sadie
  • Amy as Sandy and Mabel
  • Knuckles as Mr. Krabs and the Striped Blue Fish
  • Blaze as Mindy
  • Silver as King Neptune and Squilliam
  • Chris as the Speaking Peanut Man
  • Rouge as Karen
  • Tikal as Pearl
  • The Chao as the Jellyfish
  • Mephiles as Doodlebob
  • Dr. Eggman as The Flying Dutchman

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