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Spongebob/Family Guy is a parody with Family Guy sound and SpongeBob Squarepants clips.


Version 1

  • Patrick as Peter (Patrick and Peter are both Chubby, Vain, Dumb, and Their Names Both Begin With "P")
  • Mindy as Lois
  • Spongebob as Chris
  • Sandy as Meg
  • Plankton as Stewie (Plankton and Stewie are Both Evil)
  • Gary as Brian (Both are Pets)
  • Squidward as Quagmire
  • Tom as Cleveland
  • Mr. Krabs as Joe

Version 2

  • Stanley S. Squarepants as Peter Griffin (Stanley S. Squarepants and Peter are Both The Main Characters)
  • Karen as Lois Griffin
  • Patrick Star as Chris Griffin (Patrick and Chris are Both Chubby and Dumb)
  • Spongebob as Neil Goldman
  • Mindy as Meg Griffin
  • Plankton as Stewie Griffin
  • Gary the Snail as Brian Griffin (Gary and Brian are Both Smart)
  • Squidward as Glenn Quagmire
  • Harold as Cleveland Brown
  • Mr. Krabs as Joe Swanson
  • Old Man Jenkins as Herbert the Pervert (Old Man Jenkins and Herbert are Both Elderly)

Version 3

  • SpongeBob as Peter
  • Sandy as Lois
  • Patrick as Chris
  • Mindy as Meg
  • Plankton as Stewie
  • Squidward as Brian (Squidward and Brian are both smart)
  • Larry as Joe
  • Stanley S. Squarepants as Quagmire
  • Mr. Krabs as Tom

Version 4

Spongebob as Peter

Pearl Krabs as Lois

Squidward as Quagmire

Mr. Krabs as Chris Griffin

Patrick Star as Stewie

Plankton as Bertram

Mindy as Meg

Larry as Tom

Harold as Herbet the Pervert

Version 5

Spongebob as Lyle

Patrick as Peter

Sandy as Lois

Squidward as Quagmire

Mr Krabs as Joe

Plankton as Stewie

Karen as Bertram

Squlliam as Brian

Mindy as Meg

Tom as Chris

Harold as Herbet the Pervert

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