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Spongebob/Family Guy is a parody with Family Guy sound and SpongeBob Squarepants clips.


Version 1

  • Patrick as Peter (Patrick and Peter are both Chubby, Vain, Dumb, and Their Names Both Begin With "P")
  • Mindy as Lois
  • Spongebob as Chris
  • Sandy as Meg
  • Plankton as Stewie (Plankton and Stewie are Both Evil)
  • Gary as Brian (Both are Pets)
  • Squidward as Quagmire
  • Fred as Cleveland
  • Mr. Krabs as Joe

Version 2

  • SpongeBob as Peter Griffin (SpongeBob and Peter are Both The Main Characters)
  • Sandy as Lois Griffin
  • Patrick as Chris Griffin (Patrick and Chris are Both Chubby and Dumb)
  • Pearl as Meg Griffin
  • Plankton as Stewie Griffin
  • Squidward as Brian Griffin (Squidward and Brian are Both Smart)
  • Larry as Glenn Quagmire (Larry and Quagmire Both Have an "L", an "A", and an "R" In Their Names)
  • Tom as Cleveland Brown
  • Mr. Krabs as Joe Swanson
  • Old Man Jenkins as Herbert the Pervert (Old Man Jenkins and Herbert are Both Elderly)

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