Version 1

  • SpongeBob as Quagmire (not Squidward because Squidward is negative and Quagmire is neutral. And besides, SpongeBob and Quagmire both have teeth sticking out of their mouths).
  • Mrs. Puff as Lois
  • Patrick Star as Peter (not SpongeBob because SpongeBob is smart and Peter is dumb).
  • Mindy as Meg
  • Plankton as Stewie (Both are small and evil).
  • Gary as Brian (Both are pets).
  • Squidward as Joe (not Mr. Krabs because Mr. Krabs is rich and Joe is poor).
  • Rocko (from Rocko's Modern Life) as Cleveland
  • Mr. Krabs as Chris (not Patrick because Patrick is lazy and Chris is industrious).

Version 2 (by Akari's Facebook account)

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  • Spongebob as Peter
  • Sandy as Meg
  • Patrick as Lois
  • Squidward as The Yellow Chicken
  • Mrs. Puff as Chris
  • Plankton as Stewie
  • Mr. Krabs as Brian
  • Mindy as Quagmire
  • Gary as Joe
  • Pearl as Jillian
  • Tom as Cleverland
  • Spot as Bonnie
  • Nancy as Herbert
  • Robot Spongebob as Evil Monkey
  • Pirates as Olivia

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