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  • Spongebob as Kevin McCallister
  • Manray as Harry
  • Dirty Bubble as Marv (Home Alone 1 & 2)
  • Mr. Krabs as Old Man Marley
  • Spongebob's Dad as Peter McCallister
  • Spongebob's Mom as Kate McCallister
  • Sandy Cheeks as Megan McCallister
  • Gary the Snail as Buzz McCallister
  • Pearl as Linnie McCallister
  • Mermaid Man as Jeff McCallister
  • Barnacle Boy as Rod McCallister
  • Patrick as Alex Pruitt
  • Plankton as Peter Beaupre
  • Karen as Alice Ribbons
  • Dennis as Burton Jenigans
  • Squillam as Earl Unger
  • Patrick's Dad as Jack Pruitt
  • Patrick's Mom as Karen Pruitt
  • Fred as Stan Pruitt
  • Mindy as Molly Pruitt
  • Squidward as Marv (Home Alone 4: Taking Back the House)
  • Mrs. Puff as Vera
  • Nancy as Molly

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