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Version 1

  • SpongeBob as Jimmy (SpongeBob and Jimmy are both The Main Characters)
  • Gary as Goddard (Gary and Goddard are both pet to Spongebob and Jimmy)
  • Patrick as Carl (Patrick and Carl are both Chubby)
  • Squidward as Sheen (Squidward and Sheen's Names both Start With "S")
  • and more

Version 2

  • Spongebob as Jimmy Neutron
  • Gary as Goddard
  • Patrick as Carl Wheezer
  • Squidward as Sheen Estevez
  • Sandy as Cindy Vortex
  • Pearl as Libby Folfax
  • Larry as Nick Dean
  • Ms. Puff as Ms. Fowl
  • Plankton as Eustace Strych
  • Spongebob's Dad as Hugh Neutron
  • Spongebob's Mom as Judy Neutron
  • Patrick's Dad as Ebenezer Wheezer
  • Patrick's Mom as Martha Wheezer
  • Squidward's Dad as Mr. Estevez
  • Manray as King Goobot
  • The Dirty Bubble as Ooblar
  • and more

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