Spongebob/Mickey Mouse is a Parody with Spongebob pictures and Mickey Mouse sounds


  • Spongebob as Mickey Mouse (both the mascots of their animation companies)
  • Patrick as Goofy (both dim-witted sidekicks to the main characters)
  • Squidward as Donald Duck (both are cranky, noisy, impatient, and ill-tempered)
  • Gary as Pluto (both the main characters' pets)
  • Sandy as Minnie Mouse (both main female rodents)
  • Pearl as Daisy Duck (both have anger issues)
  • Mrs. Puff as Clarabelle Cow
  • Plankton as Pete (both the main villains)
  • Mr. Krabs as Scrooge McDuck (both care for money)
  • and more