Version 1

  • Spongebob as Bowser Junior
  • Mr. Krabs as Joseph
  • Patrick as Cody
  • Squidward as Patrick Coleman
  • Fred as Toad
  • Sandy as Emily Coleman
  • Gary as Chompy
  • Margaret as Shelia Perkins
  • Plankton as Goomba
  • Mermaid Man as Mario
  • Barnacle Boy as Luigi
  • King Neptune as Screwball
  • The Flying Dutchman as Craig
  • Flatts The Flounder as Loan Dolphin
  • Kevin Sea Cucumber as Sonic
  • Mrs Puff as Codys Mom
  • Mama Krabs as Josephs Mom
  • Pearl as Samantha
  • Mrs. Tentacles as Patrick's Mom
  • Victor Krabs as Joseph's Dad
  • Herb Star as Cody's Dad
  • Margie Star as Cody's Mom
  • Big Sister Sam as Katy
  • Patchy the Pirate as Logan Thirtyacre

Version 2

  • Spongebob as Toad
  • Patrick as Bowser Junior (Both are Chubby, Vain and Friends to Toad and Spongebob)
  • Squidward as Jeffy
  • Gary as Melvin
  • Tom as Atso
  • Monty P Moneybags as Bowser
  • Squilliam as Chef Pee Pee
  • Plankton as Steinbeck
  • Sandy as Toadette (Both are Toad and Spongebob's Girlfriends)
  • Mr. Krabs as Joseph
  • Stanley Squarepants as Cody
  • Squilvia as Feebee
  • Mindy as Emily Coleman (Both Girlfriends to Patrick and Junior)

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