Version 1 (made by JosephCL93)

  • Spongebob as Ten Cents
  • Mr. Krabs as Big Mac
  • SpongeBob's Dad as OJ
  • Squidward as Top Hat
  • Larry as Warrior
  • Kelpy G as Hercules
  • Patrick as Sunshine
  • Socks Morton (from Whatever Happened to Robot Jones?) as Captain Star
  • Plankton as Zorran
  • Flats the Flounder as Zebedee
  • Man Ray as Zak
  • The Dirty Bubble as Zug
  • Tattletale Strangler as Zip
  • The Cyclops as Captain Zero
  • Sandy as Lillie Lightship
  • Mrs. Puff as Sally Seaplane
  • Mermaid Man as Frank
  • Barnacle Boy as Eddie
  • Gary as Puffa
  • Marlin (from Finding Nemo) as The Goods Engine
  • Dennis as Johnny Cuba
  • Squlliam as Bluenose
  • Seismo (from Mixels) as Boomer

Version 2 (Made By Mason Hemphill) - DO NOT DELETE!

The Star Tugs:

  • Spongebob as Ten Cents
  • Larry as Hercules
  • Patrick as Warrior
  • Mr Krabs as Big Mac
  • Squidward as Top Hat
  • Mr Squarepants as OJ
  • Gary as Sunshine
  • Perch Perkins as Captain Star

The Z Stacks:

  • Plankton as Zorran
  • Manray as Zebedee
  • The Dirty Bubble as Zak
  • Fred as Zug
  • Tom as Zip
  • Karen The Computer as Captain Zero 

Other Characters:

  • Sandy as Lillie Lightship
  • Pearl as Sally Seaplane
  • Mrs Puff as Pearl
  • The Blue Police Fish as The Coast Guard
  • The Boating School Sergeant as Bluenose
  • The Jellyfish as The Shrimpers
  • The Tattletale Strangler as Johnny Cuba
  • Old Man Jenkins as Billy Shoepack
  • Patchy The Pirate as Sea Rogue
  • The Flying Dutchman as Sea Rogue's Uncle
  • Dennis and Blackjack as The Green Eyed Boats
  • The Mermaids as The Ghost Tugs

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