• Spongebob as Moe Howard
  • Patrick as Larry Fine
  • Squidward as Curly Howard
  • Mr. Krabs as Shemp Howard
  • Larry as Joe Beeser
  • Patchy as Curly Joe DeRita
  • Potty as Emil Sitka
  • Sandy as Moe's Girlfriend
  • Pearl as Larry's Girlfriend
  • Mrs. Puff as Curly's Girlfriend
  • Mama Krabs as Shemp's Girlfriend
  • Mr. Squarepants as Mr. Harter
  • Mrs. Squarepants as Mrs. Harter
  • Gary as Teddy O Hara
  • Plankton as Mac
  • Karen as Lydia
  • Grandpa Squarepants as Moe's Audition Staff #1
  • Grandma Squarepants as Moe's Audition Staff #2
  • Tom as Moe's Hip Excutive
  • Fred as The Situation
  • Harry as Pauly D
  • Combover as Ronnie
  • Bald as Vinny
  • Friend #2 as Sammie
  • Judy as Jwoww
  • Friend #1 as Snooki
  • Baby Spongebob as Baby Moe Howard
  • Baby Patrick as Baby Larry Fine
  • Baby Squidward as Baby Curly Howard
  • Young Spongebob as Young Moe Howard
  • Young Patrick as Young Larry Fine
  • Young Squidwaed as Young Curly Howard
  • Man Ray as Officer Armstrong
  • Dirty Bubble as Officer Mycroft

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