Version 1

  • Sandy as Dorothy (they both got a country accent and their names end with a 'Y')
  • Spongebob as Scare Crow
  • Mr Krab's as Tin Man
  • Patrick as Lion
  • Mindy as The Good Witch of the North
  • Plankton as The Wicked Witch of The West (their both green and the main villans)
  • Gary as Toto
  • King Neptune as The Wizard
  • Mr Squarepants as Unckle Henry
  • Karen as Miss Gultch
  • Spongebob's Grandma as Aunt En
  • Squidward as Heckory
  • Spongtron as Zeke
  • Squlliam as Professor Marvel
  • The Jellyfish as the Munchkins 

Version 2 

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