Spongebob: You're not my friend Anymore!

Squidward: oh? and why is that>

Spongebob: I Hate You!

Squidward: Stop being mean to me!

Spongebob: Go away!

Squidward i'm Meaner Than You!

Spongebob: No You're Not!!!!!

Spongebob: You're The Worst Navior Ever!!!!!...And Stop Being My Navior!!!!!!

Squidward: Fine!!!!

Spongebob: Stop It, Squidward!!! and Go Away!!!!!

Squidward: Fine!!!

Spongebob: I Hate YOUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Spongebob pounches squidward in the stomache)

(Spongebob beats up squidward)

(squidward cries)

Spongebob: cops! get My Friend, i mean bully!

Squidward: what is wrong with you, spongebob!

Spongebob: Shut Up Squidward!

Spongebob: And Burn To Hell!!!!!!!

Squidward: AAAAAHHHH!!!!

Spongebob: Stop It, squidward!!!!

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