The series is about 8 spongebob characters becoming Spongebob Sentai Sponger.


Spongebob (Red Ranger) Patrick (Blue Ranger) Squidward  (Green Ranger) Sandy (Pink Ranger) Squilliam (Black Ranger) Mr.Krabs (Gold Ranger) Plankton (Yellow Ranger) and Gary (White Ranger).

Episode 1 : Let's go and morph into Spongebob Sentai Sponger!    Spongebob: Let's make it showy.  Spongebob: Red Ranger Patrick : Blue Ranger Squilliam: Black Ranger Squidward: Green Ranger Sandy: Pink Ranger Mr.Krabs: Gold Ranger Gary: Meow (White Ranger) Plankton: Yellow Ranger Spongebob: Out Of My Way!                                                                             

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