Write the text of your article here! breif summary==. spongebob come's up with his own movie plan. ==plot== spongebob squarepants comes up with his own movie shoot so he call's squidward on the shell phone squidward ask's squidward what he wants he says that he wants to make a movie called the old spongebob movie so squidward chose to be the direct and to play the f-b-i cop so he gets nat to play in the movie when spongebob and patrick go to the krusty krab so mr. krabs heard about a movie so mr. krabs holds the clip board in his hand and the title says t-o-s when the sene where mr. nat name's the sene t-o-s when animals attack when puss jump's and the bear run's away from puss and squidward give's mr. krabs the script and he gives it to jerry carr he gives the script to the bear patrick holds the camera and flims the two kittys squidward gets a big binockiler and the two kittys attack squidward but when mr. krabs tells spongebob that he ca'nt do the new flim he starts to cry but he doe'snt cry after the flim is canceled but at the krusty krab mr. krabs says he ca'nt finish the movie when squidwards yell's spongebob and comes with him and the rest of the gang. and gets ready.

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