• Real Name: Stanley Burne
  • Age: Unknown, probably early twenties.
  • Alias: Spook
  • Power: Can go invisible, fly, pass through walls and other objects, can release rays of green light that drains life energy and can kill.

Spook was a superhero and enemy of Scorch.

Early Life

Little is known of Stanley's early life, other than he was born in a suberb in Texas, and that his parents were killed in a car crash when he was seven. He moved in with his grandparents, but his grandmother died of cancer when he was nine, so he lived just with his Grandfather. As the years went by, Stanley grew into a handsome young man, and he got a job at a post office.

Discovering his Powers

Stanley first discovered his amazing abilities when he was coming home from the post office. He was carelessly crossing a road without looking when a car came at him at over 70 miles an hour. Just before he was hit by the car, Spook unwittingly used his powers, and the car went straight through him. Amazed, Spook rushed home to tell his grandfather the news. His grandfather was as first skeptical of the story, but as the days went by Spook learned to control it. After a brief demonstration, his grandfather became excited. Weeks passed, and Spook learned he could also fly, shot deadly green light from his fingers and go invisible.


One night, when Stanley was walking to the local shops to buy pizza, his grandfather was fatally shot in the chest by a burglar, who then stole the television, his wallet and his car. When Stanley came home, he was devastated. He changed his name to Spook, and vowed to avenge his grandfather. Spook set out in pursuit of the criminal, and caught him on the streets. Spook drained some of his life force, leaving him gasping for air and unable to stand. Then he dropped the murderer on the doorstep of the police station, with the words I killed an old man and stole his valuables written in permenant texta across his forehead. Spook left him there, his work done.


After this event, Spook became a costumed superhero, facing villains like Dragon's Breath, Earthquake and Plague. It was during this period that he first met White Sphere, a superhero with the abilities to control gravity and create force fields. They became good friends, and teamed up several times against such villains as Quickslip, Scimitar, Serpent and Atlas.


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