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June 75 2993


Beagle Boys Yellow Green Team

The Beagle Boys --- Center

Big Time Beagle --- Linebacker

Ratty Beagle Cat ---------------- Linebacker

Ottoperotto Beagle Dog -------------------- Linebacker

Beagle Brats ------------- Fullback

BabyFace Beagle ----------------- Small Forward

Ma Beagle ------------------------- Nose Tackle

Bebop Beagle -------------------- Power Forward

Bank Job Beagle ----------------- Tight End

Bouncer Beagle ------------------- Wide Reciever

Burger Beagle --------------------- Cornerback

Grandpa Beagle ------------------ Greedy

Book Worm Beagle ---------------------------------- Messy

Baggy Beagle --------------------------------------------------- Lazy

McDuck Red-Violet backs Team

Scrooge McDuck -------------------------------------------------- Center

Huey, Dewey, and Louie ----------------- Full Back

Seal Animal --------------------------------- Linebacker

Hippopotamus ----------------------------- Wide Reciever

Elephant --------------------------------------- Linebacker

Lion --------------------------------------------- Nose Tackle

Wild Boar ------------------------------------- Tight End

Rhinoceros ----------------------------------- Tight End

American White Pelican ------------------ Tight End

Magnificent Frigatebird -------------------- Tight End

Blue-footed Booby ------------------------- Tight End

Anhinga --------------------------------------- Tight End

Great Albatross ----------------------------- Tight End

Pileated Woodpecker --------------------- Tight End

Mallard ---------------------------------------- Tight End

Kit Fox ---------------------------------------- Tight End

Southern Yellow-billed Hornbill -------------------- Tight End

Dodo ----------------------------------- Tight End

Himalayan Griffon Vulture -------------------- Tight End

Cheetah Animal --------------------------------- Linebacker

Goofy -------------------------- Full Back

Kangaroo ----------------------------------- Small Forward

Goat ----------------------------------------- Power Forward

Ostrich -------------------------------------- Tight End

Marabou Stork -------------------------- Rush

Red-crowned Crane ------------------- Skinny

Roseate Spoonbill --------------------------------------------------- Tall

McDuck Red-Violet backs Team will win the trophy!

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