Spot's Favourites Friends is a VHS With Friends from NCH 1992 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment


  1. Spot: Where's Spot taken from NSPCC Children's tv Favourites and Spot's First Video
  2. The Magic Roundabout: Dougal and The Blue Cat taken from the Film
  3. Fireman Sam: Halloween taken from The Very Best of Fireman Sam
  4. Bagpuss: The Frog Princess taken from The Complete Bagpuss
  5. Postman Pat's Difficult Day taken from Postman Pat 3 and Bumper Collection
  6. The Snowman: The Snowman Ball taken from The Snowman and NSPCC Children's tv Favourites
  7. The Raggy Dolls: The Royal Tour taken from The Raggy Dolls 3
  8. Paddington Bear: Please Look After This Bear taken from A Bear Called Paddington and NSPCC Children's tv favourites
  9. Noddy: The Great Car Race taken from NSPCC Children's tv Favourites
  10. Charlie Brown: Race For Your Life, Charlie Brown taken from the Film
  11. Top Cat: The Violin Player taken from Top Cat - The Maharajah of Pookajee / The Violin Player
  12. Count Duckula: Mysteries Of The Wax Museum taken from Count Duckula - Mysteries Of The Wax Museum
  13. James the Cat: Friends taken from NSPCC Children's tv Favourites
  14. The Shoe People: Can You Keep a Secret taken from James Driscoll's The Shoe People

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