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A Simpsons/Futurama Parody series


  • Bart as Fry
  • Sherri as Leela
  • Homer as Bender
  • Jamie as Amy
  • Dr Nick Rivera as Dr. Zoidburg
  • Proffesor Frink as Proffesor Farnsworth
  • Apu as Hermes
  • Nelson as Zapp Branigan
  • Martin as Kiff
  • Edna Krabbapel as Mom
  • Milhouse as Scruffy
  • Ralph as Cubert
  • Nelson as Dwight
  • ? as LaBarbara Conrad
  • ? as Tinny Tim
  • ? as Ron Whitey
  • ? as Petunia
  • ? as Steve Castle/That 80's Guy
  • Kearny as Walt
  • Dolph as Larry
  • Jimbo as Igner
  • Fat Tony as Don Bot
  • Officer Lou as URL
  • Mrs Hoover as Linda
  • Kent Brockman as Morbo
  • Duffman as Slurm Macenzie
  • Krusty the Klown as Harold Zoid
  • Rainer Wolfcastle as Calculon
  • Kang as Lrr
  • Kodos as Nrr
  • Santas Little Helper as Nibbler
  • Mr. Teeny as Gunter
  • Reverend Lovejoy as Lionel Preacherbot
  • Richard Nixon as Himself
  • Groundskeeper Willie as Robot Devil
  • Barney as Hedonism Bot
  • Comic Book Guy as Melllvar
  • Jessica Lovejoy as Morgan Procotr
  • Mr. burns as Nudar
  • Al Gore as Himself
  • Moe as Robot Santa
  • Rabbi Krustofski as Hanukah Zombie
  • Dr. Hibbert as Kwanza Bot


  • Space-Field Pilot 3000
  • The Springfield has Landed
  • I, Homemate
  • Fear of a Home-Bot Planet
  • Spring-Mars University
  • When Rigellians Attack
  • Hell is Other Home-Bots
  • Bart and the Slurm Factory
  • Nelson BeginsAgain
  • I Second that Homotion
  • A Burns in The Polls
  • Raging Homer
  • Homer gets Made
  • Edna's Day
  • How Apu Requisitioned his Grove Back
  • Treehouse of Interest I
  • Luck of the Bartish
  • Homing in the Wind
  • Homeless Love
  • That's Lobsterhouse -Tainment
  • Bird-Homer of Ice Catraz
  • The Day the Springfield stood Stupid
  • 30% Beer Chef
  • Springswell that Ends Well
  • Treehouse of Intrest II
  • Spring Stock
  • The Why of Bart
  • Where no Fanboy has Gone Before
  • Home Her
  • The Frinksworth Paradox
  • Spanish Bart
  • The Ground-Devil's Hands are Idle Playthings

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