Version 1

  • Spyro as Shrek
  • Flame as Donkey
  • Cynder as Princess Fiona
  • Hunter as Puss In Boots
  • Crush as Pinocchio
  • Gulp as Gingy (they are both start names with Letter G)
  • Ember as The Dragon
  • Ripto as Lord Farquadd

Version 2

  • Hunter as Shrek
  • Spyro as Donkey
  • Cynder as Princes Fiona
  • Sgt James Byrd as Puss In Boots
  • Flame as Pinocchio
  • Sparx as Gingy
  • Moneybags as The Big Bad Wolf
  • Bentley as King Harold
  • Elora as Queen Lillian
  • Ripto as Lord Farquaad
  • The Sorceress as Fairy Godmother
  • Red as Prince Charming
  • Master Chef as Rumpeltitskin
  • Ember as The Female Dragon

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