Spyro must fight an even stronger apponet, Thousends of times stronger than the dark master, will he die? Or make a very strong friend. David is the son of a dragon but has taken the form of a human, on his 10th birthday his father stabed him with his tail leaving a insishion on his chest from his neck down to his bellybutten, no one knows how he survived or how he got his amazing stringth but one things for sure, he hates all Dragons and if given the chance will kill one on sight. Spyro and David meet when a mudslide forces the Dragons to leave the tempal, in his rage David knocks Spyro into a rock causing a state of amnesia to befall spyro, can he regain his abilites befor David hunts him down? The anscer is sure to come.

David Prower 16:06, 25 February 2008 (UTC)David Prower

All dragons are filth, why should thay even live Ill kill that purple one (but why, why do I hate dragons so much is it becaus of my fathers gift?)

Spyro wake up. .... Spyro pleas wake up. Cynder, is that you? Yes your alive I was so worried, Ignightas com quick. where am I? your in danger. I cant move. Dont try to, your left wing and your right leg is broken. Ignightas is he going to be ok? Spyro can you move? no it hurts to much. Where does it hurt? the left sid of my chest. let me see. (wimper) you have 4 broken ribs, who was tha boy? he was strong, I could not even touch him. its all right spyro you did your best. but what about the other gardeans, what happend to them? thay along with myself where defeted just as easaly. who is that kid? I am the one thats going to kill you! what did we ever do to you? its time to finish you off. ( Davids right hand glowed bright blue, small bursts of static jumped off his hand, sudenly ice spears struck him from behind along with a blast of electrisity ingulfed him) grrrrrr ill take care of you later young dragon(no I dont want to fight him pleas stop) Shut up! (in a flash David vanished) I knew it that boy is being controled by somthing. what? somthing evil, none the less he is a large thret to you and the rest of the dragons. what do we do Ignightas? I...I dont know Cynder..I dont know.

( Why? why do I feel such rage within me? Why father? Why?) Be quiet you weekling you fight becaus I tell you to (get out of my body!) youll have to make me becaus im having to much fun ( not in my bodyyour not rrrrr) now than you where saying ( Stop......) thats right I controle you so zip it.

How is he doing Ignightas? He will live but he is badly ingerd and will take time to heal. I should have been thear insted of hiding. no you would have faced the same outcume dont blame yourself. He is lucky that boy dident snap his neck, with that stringth it would be like a blad of grass. hmmmm. he dreams of horrid things I can tell. wate..!!!!! the boy hes over thear (hes being controled by somthing, Im sure of it now) what has pozesed you to attack us?! being...controled...pleas I dont...want to fight!! hes telling the truth. maby look at him terridor hes using every last bit of stringth just to speak what is your name! ...David...Im...sory...about ...earlyer...couldent...stop...him Him? whos him? ...cant...hold....on...loosing..controle..... we must leave else we risk spyro getting killed tell us who is he! go!!!!!!

The dragons flew fast as the boy scremed with pain than it went silent looking beck Ignightas saw the eyes of the boy, thayed glowed with rage as if saying "no matter how far you go Ill hunt you duwn and kill you" When thay finly landed.

he will be coming for us but ital take him a while to catch up. (cough,cough) his wounds are starting to reopen! spyro, pleas hold on will get you to safty Dont count on it. HOW?!! its not posiable you will never escape me no matter(gasp, whats going on i cant move my arms) thim, give up allready,no Im tierd of listining to you im taking my body back!!!!!!!!!

The air around David grew in dinsity untill he was coverd in a vail of power that looked like fire THIS IS MY BODY!!!!!!!!!!! The vail around his body grew IM TIRED OF HURTING THE INASENT The force of the power emiting from his body shaterd the ground GIT OUT hes trying to through the thing out of his body his power is incredable

NO A black mass shot out of Davids body leaving a gashing wound on his chest

the mass sizzald in the sun. its over the boy is no longer a thret to us. the smile on Ignightasis face hardend in shock as he seen the wound oh my go.,cough) Blood leaked from his mouth dont be afrade we know you could not stop, you are safe with us thank you(wince) dont try and move you are mortaly wounded I...dont....i hes going into shock! ok valter get me some water, terridor find some healing urbs, cyril frezz his wound so he dosent bleed to death spyro dont speak, try and rest

The gardeans operated on the two of them for the next 8 howers

In the tempal

(mones) where am I? your in the tempal of Dragons your that spyro kid.........listen Im sorry for what happend I was being controled by an evil spiret, can you forgive me ........yes I can, and I do, hahahaha you have a strong ora abought you thank you your strong to and your heart is pure and full of love SPYRO!!! Cynder? oh spyro I was so worried you have been sleeping for days(gasp)your...your awake? pleas forgive me Dut I must go why I have done so much wrong and I have alot of people to apoligise to thers no need for you to rush off your wounds have barly begun to heal Ignightas? I must

David sat up only to be throne down by the shear pain

oh my god I told you, you can not go any whear with that wound so just get comfterbal .....very well...thank you

In The Portal Room

How are thay? Spyros up and walking around but David.........I dont think he will make it to tomarow. what you cant be sereous, Ignightas he must pull through! Volters doing the beast he can but that wound is just to damiged, the cells that heal the body are not responding.. he is not healing its just getting worse. .......but cant you just make thim respond? no thers no posable way...he will be dead in the morning. oh I will not let him die, I will find a way to keep him alive! Terridor.....calm down...whats your conection to that boy anyway? I just have a felling that he can not die, if he does somthing bad will befall the world ..........I dont know what to tell you, if his body does not react and start healing.....there will be no way to save him...Im sorry but thers absalutly nothing we can do. ....I understand......(pleas.....pull through)

Patent is in cridical condition, heart rate....98, wound on the upper right brest shows no sign of self treatment, estimated servival rate...2%, estimated heart failure, blood loss is reaching cridical levals. death is imanit.

Davids heart beats (what is this?Iv been here befor when I was younger, but where am I?)

Macheen wildly beeps

Heart rate increasing to 100,..110...120.. herats failing. IGNIGHTAS, (I can see, its not the dragons Im mad at) Heart rate, incres to 140 Whats going on!? hes failing (I should not be mad at my father, he gave me my power, twas evil that cerupted me) HIS HEART STOPED, charging Difibulater at 110 volts, CLEAR (so my anger is at the evil ones) HEART NOT RESPONDING, Charg increas to 140 volts, CLEAR ( my herat burns with rage, no more I will forge my own path) increas to 200 volts, CLEAR!! (my path is not hear its in......THE LIGHT)

Davids eyes open and he sits up than yells I WILL NOT FALL INTO THE DARKNESS

Volteer was so startled that he droped the Difibulater Hes alive!! Heart rate 200, its impossable he should be dead! Whats all the rukas

woke up Spyro limps into the room

Spyro your awake? I am now sorry its just that Davids heart rate rate spiked 200 Hes nt dead is he amasingly no ...LOOK!

The Wound On Davids Chest Was Slowly Mending Together, the muscels could be seen reataching there selvs, blood vaigns reconected and the skin mended, the 4 dragons stood there, jaws droped in shock did he just do that? it defys all meddical posabilitys ......I think in going to through up mm (gags) oh god im going to througe up

(Spyro runs to the waist baskit and puked) thats inhuman eas yourself young dragon he is returning to normal, heart rate 80, no signs of his ingery having after effects

(Spyro throughs up agen) come lets get you back to bed (way to go young boy, you pulled through)

Your stringth is growing my son

Whose there, Where am I?

your in the relm of light

relm of....light?

yes, you took alot of damage when you expeled that monster from your body

am I dead?

why of corse not your still alive, your just in a state of coma

will I sleep long?

only for three days.

who are you?

you ask to many questions, rest

Three Days Later.

Is he still sleeping

Yes, spyro dont wory yourself about him he will pull through

thats good

Ignightas...what is he dreaming about

..................He is dreaming, about........a open fild that is full of flowers.

what is he doing?

......meditating..hmmmm he is dreaming about meditating in a open fild serounded by flowers


Hes waking up


yes what is it

no big deal

no it is a big deal, I have lived my life hating dragons, but I really like thim but the demon never let me think of thim without hate.... are very kind....pleas would you consider staying here with us?


If your waiting for the next part of this story pleas give me time to think I will start writing agen soon, thank you.

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