(Two little kids named Julian and Tom are sitting in their chairs on a rainy day, with their pet bird, Birdy. A big purple dragon opens the door, and comes in the house).

Purple Dragon: Hello.

Julian: Who are you? Purple Dragon: I'm Squeezy. Tom: What's a Squeezy? Squeezy: I'll show you! (spins her umbrella around, throws it in the air, and catches it). Birdy: (opens the door of his cage, and flies out). Tell Squeezy to get out! Squeezy: The first thing I'll do, is play a game called ROWDY-WITH-A-BIRD! (grabs Birdy, and places him on top of her umbrella. Then, she spins him around). Birdy: Help! Someone! Put me down! (Squeezy throws Birdy up in the air. Birdy flies back into his cage, and closes the door). Birdy: Please leave this room! Squeezy: I will never leave! (throws umbrella away). Now, I will show you how I spin a ball. Julian: How DO you spin a ball? Squeezy: First I get a ball (her tail grabs a blue ball with red polka dots). Now, I spin it on my tail! (starts to spin the ball on her tail). Tom: Wow! I've never seen anything like that before! Julian: That's amazing! Squeezy: (throws the ball away) Now, I can show you how I bounce a yo-yo! (grabs a yo-yo on her tail). As I bounce the yo-yo, I put Birdy on my umbrella. (gets the umbrella, then takes Birdy from his cage, and puts him on her umbrella). Then, I get three blocks. (gets three blocks, and puts them in her left hand). I get a glass on a plate. (gets a glass on a golden plate, and places it on her right knee). Then, I hop around! (starts to hop). Hop, hop, hop! (Suddenly, Squeezy sneezes, causing all the objects she is carrying to fall! Squeezy tumbles onto the ground). Birdy: (now stuck in a bowl) You have made a terrible mess! Squeezy: (crying) I'm sorry, Birdy. (sheds tears) Julian: What a mess! Tom: You can say that again! Squeezy: (picks herself up) I know what to do! (runs out of the house) (Squeezy returns driving a large, red, crane-like, vehicle) Squeezy: This is the Big Cleaner-Upper! (the arm lifts all the objects off the ground. Then, Squezy leaves with the Big Cleaner-Upper, and Julian and Tom's mother and father arrive). Julian and Tom's father: Hello, you two. Julian and Tom's mother: What did you guys do? (Julian and Tom shrug their shoulders, and the people watching the episode turn off their TV).

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