He is a Character from Yogi Bear.

As Hand-in-the-Box in Animal Story (TheCityMaker)

He is a green hand stuck on the spring of a jack-in-the-box. In Animal Story when Yogi Bear, being stuck in Duncan's room by Carface, formulates a plan to save Boo-Boo Bear from Duncan, Squiddly Diddly is held by Baloo who mounts Cheshire Cat as he extends his hand out to a doorknob so that he is ready to open the door when the signal comes. After Yakky Doodle rings the doorbell, Squiddly Diddly twists the knob to open the door, and Mushu is let out of Duncan's room for Carface to chase after. As Woody and the mutant toys escape to Duncan's backyard, Squiddly Diddly, being held by Baloo riding Hokey Wolf, holds on to Sebastian, for transportation. When all of the mutant toys attack Duncan, Squiddly Diddly grabs on to Duncan's ankle to scare him. When Yogi Bear and the mutant toys rejoice victoriously after Yogi Bear finally scares Duncan out of his senses, Squiddly Diddly is seen giving a thumbs-up sign.

As Guards in Octopus Form in The Cat's New Groove

Squiddly Diddly chased Yogi Bear and Quick Draw McGraw

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