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Mr. Mousekewitz plans to whistle rudely at Squidward, who is still bricked in the tunnel. But Mr. Mousekewitz goes so fast that his safety valve bursts and is forced to stop just in front of the tunnel. Irritated, Mr. Mousekewitz is forced into a siding opposite Squidward, who laughs at him.

Patrick is summoned to take the carriage, but he is not strong enough to move it. Mr. Mousekewitz suggests that Squidward should be let out of the tunnel to help Patrick and Daily Reed agrees. Squidward is freed from the tunnel and pulls the Carriage with Patrick pushing from behind. Daily Reed enjoys the journey so much that he tries to wave to a squid and a starfish, but his hat is blown off into a field and eaten by a goat for tea. The two get the bus to the station at the end of the line and on the way home help Mr. Mousekewitz back.

Squidward is rewarded with a new coat of paint and now knows that he doesn't have to run into a tunnel to keep his paint dry.

  • Squidward (Spongebob) as Henry
  • Papa Mousekewitz as Gordon
  • Patrick (Spongebob) as Edward
  • Daily Reed as Sir Topham Hat

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