• Squirtle (Pokemon) as Peter Pan
  • Patch (101 Dalmations) as Michael Darling
  • Elora (Pixie Hollow Games Online) as Wendy Darling
  • Young Simba (The Lion King) as John Darling
  • Kovu (The Lion King 2 Simba's) as Mr Darling
  • Kiara (The Lion King 2 Simba's Pride) as Mrs Darling
  • Zoe (Spyro 2 Gateway To Glimmer) as Tinker Bell
  • Discord (Mlp) as Captain Hook
  • Wobbafa(Pokemon) as Mr Smee
  • Grasshoppers (A Bug's Life) as The Pirates
  • Vlad Vladikoff (Horton Hears A Who) as Mr Crocodile
  • Makunga From (Madagascar) as The Indian Chief
  • Penny (101 Dalmations) as Nana
  • Gabrielle From (Spyro 3 Year Of The Dragon) as Tiger Lily
  • Bambi Thumper Boo Boo Bear Koda Jerry Tuffy Mouse (Bambi (Yogi Bear Brother Bear Tom and Jerry) as The Lost Boys
  • Rosetta Iridessa Rapunzel Dolly Fawn Silvermist (Tinker Bell Disney Fairies Online) as The Mermaids


  • 1 Opening Credits (The Second Star To The Right)
  • 2 Meet The Darling Family
  • 3 Bedtime/The Shadow
  • 4 Squirtle Chases His Shadow/Elora Meet Squirtle Meet
  • 5 Young Simba and Patch Meet Squirtle/Zoe In a Sulky Mood
  • 6 Squirtle Teaches The Children (You Can Fly)
  • 7 Meet Discord and The Grasshoppers Wobbafett vs Vlad Vladikoff
  • 8 Ronno Attacks Squirtle and Darling Children
  • 9 Meet The Lost Boys/Zoe Tries To Kill Elora
  • 10 (Following The Leader) Captured By The Indians
  • 11 Squirtle and Elora Meet The Mermaids/Ronno Kidnaps Gabrielle
  • 12 Tricking Ronno/Saving Gabrielle
  • 13 Ronno's Next Plan
  • 14 What Made The Red Man Red/Meowth Captured Zoe
  • 15 Zoe Helps Captain Ronno

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