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The second dwarf planet found in the Kuiper Belt, briefly referred to as the 10th planet. Being more massive than Pluto and about the same size, Eris' discovery lead to a new definition of the word planet and reclassified itself, Pluto, and Ceres and Dwarf Planets. Originally codenamed "Xena", it is now named after the Greek goddess of discord. Furthest body detected at time of discovery, when it was near its aphelion. Much more dense than Pluto (and thus composed of more rock) and further away, but has about the same surface composition. Largest scattered disc object, which depending on the definition used, would also be the largest Kuiper Belt object. Color appears greyish, unlike Pluto, because it is far enough for Methane to condense on all parts of its surface, including low albedo features. Has one small moon, Dysnomia.

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How I Killed Pluto and Why It Had It Coming Book (Jan 2011)

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