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Largest moon of Jupiter and in the solar system. Larger than the planet Mercury, though not as massive. Only moon known to generate its own magnetic field. Only body other than Earth known to have plate tectonics.

Ganymede In The News

New Horizons in the News

Ganymede Imaged By New Horizons (May 2007)

Jupiter Ganymede Orbiter (Laplace) in the News

see also Jupiter, Callisto, Europa, Io

About to Choose Between Saturn and Jupiter Missions (Jan 2009)

See Jupiter, Europa, Ganymede, Saturn, Titan, Enceladus

Jupiter Ganymede Orbiter (Laplace) Agreed On (Feb 2009)

See also Jupiter, Europa, Io, Callisto, Titan, Enceladus

Cooperation Between NASA and ESA (Feb 2011)

See also Europa, Ganymede, Io, Callisto, Jupiter

Priority Report from the National Research Council (Mar 2011)

See also Europa, Mars, Uranus

Earth Observations in the News

Amateur Captures Io Eclipse on Ganymede (Aug 2009)

Feature Articles

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