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Fifth dwarf planet recognized. Discovery claimed by two teams, one was able to claim discovery, while another to name the object. Originally code named Santa, now named after a goddess, whose body was broken up to form the Hawaiian island. Though to have broken up and formed two satellites (made of pure water ice), in addition to a family that shares its orbit, the first such family found in the Kuiper Belt. Originally classified as a classic Kuiper Belt object, it has now been shown to be in 7:12 orbital resonance with Neptune. In a highly inclined orbit similar to Makemake and the third apparent brightest body in the Kuiper Belt. Spins so fast (4 hours), that it is shaped somewhat like a cigar, yet remains in hydrostatic equilibrium. Likely mostly rock with a thin layer of water ice, unusual in that it doesn't show signs of Methane. Surface is mottled, with a large red spot, possibly a crater, though not as extreme as Pluto. Its surface appears to by crystalline ices.

Haumea Places

  • Haumea's Red Spot - A large red spot on Haumea's oblong surface, possibly a crater. It could represent a spot with even higher concentration of crystalline ice as the rest of the surface or it could represent irradiated minerals or organic matter.

Haumea in the News

Haumea's Moons are Pure Ice (Apr 2009)

Haumea Studies (Jun 2009)

Radioactivity May Power Crystalline Ice at Surface (May 2011)

Feature Articles

How I Killed Pluto and Why It Had It Coming Book (Jan 2011)

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Eris Could Be as Small as Pluto (Dec 2010)

See Eris, Pluto, Haumea, Makemake, Sedna

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