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Discovered after an extensive search for Planet X. Initially thought to be Earth size and dubbed the ninth planet, then continuously reduced in size as its brightness became clear and its large moon was discovered, until another object Eris was discovered in its region of space that was more massive than it, when it was demoted to a Dwarf Planet status. Considered by some a double dwarf planet due to its large moon. Also has three tiny moons and could support a ring system. First Kuiper Belt object discovered, in 2:3 orbital resonance with Neptune. Target of New Horizons spacecraft.

Plutonian System


Pluto In The News

New Horizons in the News

5 Year Into Voyage, Halfway There (Jan 2011)

Crosses Uranus' Orbit (Mar 2011)

Adjusts Course to Study New Moon (Aug 2011)

Pluto Planetary Status

Campaign Saved Pluto's Status as a Planet (1998)

Pluto Planet Expo (May 2007)

Eris Could Be Smaller Than Pluto (Dec 2010)

See Eris, Pluto, Haumea, Makemake, Sedna, Quaoar

How I Killed Pluto and Why It Had It Coming Book (Jan 2011)

See also Eris, Haumea

Rings and Moonlet Studies

Pluto's Moons Get Ready for Their Closeup (Jun 2010)

Fifth Anniversary of Nix and Hydra's Discovery (Jun 2011)

New Horizons Adjusts Course to Study New Moon

Fourth Moon Discovered (Jul 2011)

What to Name New Moon (Jul 2011)

Simulations Show Pluto Could Have Ring System (Aug 2011)

Pluto Studies

Pluto's Atmosphere Warmer than Previously Thought (Mar 2009)

Could Pluto Have a Subsurface Ocean? (Dec 2010)

Atmosphere Much Larger, Cometlike, and Contains Carbon Monoxide (Apr 2011)

Occultations in the News

Charon and Pluto Occult a Star (Jun 2011)

Pluto and Charon occults star Jun 23, then four days later, both Pluto and Hydra eclipse another star Jun 27
Sophia Captures First Eclipse, Will Try Second One
Other's Capture First Eclipse, Will Try Second One

Occultation to Be Viewed From Aircraft (Jul 2011)


Pluto Gets a Name (1930)

Student Documentary at International Film Festival (Apr 2007)

Pluto Features

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