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Seventh planet from the Sun. The largest of the two Ice Giant planets in the solar system, though the least massive of the two. First new planet discovered with a telescope. Upper atmosphere composed mostly of Methane ices and is a uniform pale green atmosphere with few cloud features. Tips on its side at almost ninety degrees, experiences extreme seasonal variations. Has five small round moons and several very dark rings. Has been flown by the Voyager 2 space probe.

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Main Satelites

For all moons, see Uranian System.
  • Miranda - Innermost and smallest of Uranus' major moons. It was the only one of Uranus' moons that Voyager 2 flew by closely and the closest flyby up to this point in its mission. Contains grooved terrain, scarps, cliffs, some which appear in a Chevron shape.
  • Ariel - Ss:Ariel
  • Umbriel - Large moon of Uranus.
  • Titania - Ss:Titania
  • Oberon - Large moon of Saturn.

Ss:Uranus In the News

Voyager 2 In the News

25th Anniversary of Uranus Flyby (Jan 2011)

See Miranda, Puck

Uranus Pathfinder (Unsuccessful proposal) in the News

Unsuccessful concept for a Uranus orbiter submitted to the ESA M3 call

Mission Being Planned by ESA and NASA (Dec 2010)

Uranus Orbiter and Probe in the News


Priority Report from the National Research Council (Mar 2011)

See also Ganymede, Uranus, Mars

NASA Decadal Survey Town Hall Approaching (Apr 2011)

See also Mars, Europa, Uranus, Enceladus, Venus

Earth Based Observations in the News

Dark Windy Storm Detected (Sep 2006)

Feature Articles

First Image From Orbit Photoessay

See also Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune

Book on Alien Weather (May 2011)

See also Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Titan, Venus, Neptune, Triton

Photography in the News

Uranus and Neptune Too Dim For Messenger Planet Portrait (Feb 2011)

See Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune

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