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The St. Ives Assembly is a major government body in the Independent National Community of St. Ives, composed of 50 members elected every six years.

E-Election SICP-St. Ives Citizens Party U-Unionist Party SDLP-Social Democratic Labor Party CP-Communist Party I-Independents

E-1900 SICP-19 seats I-31 seats

E-1906 SICP-21 seats U-11 seats SDLP-10 seats I-8 seats

E-1912 SICP-20 seats U-8 seats SDLP-22 seats

E-1918 SICP-18 seats U-18 seats SDLP-9 seats I-5 seats

E-1924 SICP-23 seats U-14 seats SDLP-12 seats I-1 seat

E-1930 SICP-1 seat U-1 seat SDLP-42 seats CP-4 seats I-2 seats

E-1936 SICP-2 seats U-1 seat SDLP-40 seats CP-7 seats

E-1942 SICP-6 seats U-4 seats SDLP-34 seats CP-6 seats

E-1948 SICP-9 seats U-8 seats SDLP-29 seats CP-4 seats

E-1954 SICP-13 seats U-13 seats SDLP-21 seats CP-3 seats

E-1960- SICP-24 seats U-14 seats SDLP-16 seats

E-1966 SICP-21 seats U-20 seats SDLP-8 seats I-1 seat

E-1972 SICP-23 seats U-14 seats SDLP-13 seats

E-1978 SICP-31 seats U-4 seats SDLP-15 seats

E-1984 SICP-23 seats SDLP-27 seats

E-1990 SICP-11 seats SDLP-39 seats

E-1996 SICP-18 seats SDLP-32 seats

E-2002 SICP-24 seats SDLP-26 seats

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