The St. Ives Senate is a major government body of the Independent National Community of St. Ives, with 26 members elected every 12 years by the St. Ives Assembly. E-election SICP-St. Ives Citizens Party U-Unionost Party SDLP-Social Democratic Labor Party GG-appointed by the governor-general

E-1913 SICP-6 seats SDLP-7 seats GG-13 seats

E-1925 SICP-8 seats U-5 seats GG-13 seats

E-1937 SDLP-13 seats GG-13 seats

E-1949 SDLP-26 seats

E-1961 SICP-17 seats U-9 seats

E-1973 SICP-13 seats U-13 seats

E-1985 SDLP-26 seats

E-1997 SDLP-26 seats

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