A Vision Statement is used to communicate the End Goal for the programme and consists of some form of statement outlining the End Goal and NOT the actual journey, it also includes a description of any new or changed capabilities along with the desired service improvements and performance measures.

Vision Statement

Statement of Programme End Goal


The Staff Experience programme will contribute to the positioning of the University as a leading employer of choice in higher education. It will achieve this through providing employees with the facilities and opportunities they need to work effectively in a supportive environment that encourages staff learning and development, healthy working and which recognises achievement.

Description of New or Changed Capabilities

The new capabilities delivered by the programme stream will:

Staff Recruitment

  • accelerate and rationalise the current recruitment process utilising an integrated system;

Staff Engagement

  • provide employees with enhanced services which support them as part of induction, development and progression;
  • provide access to business applications through portal technology, and single sign-on based on portal role profiles;
  • enable employees to create, view and modify personal data and manage routine tasks appropriate to their role;
  • enable staff to manage themselves and those they line manage effectively;
  • enable employees to access the information and applications they need to perform budget and staffing tasks quickly and efficiently;
  • provide appropriate access to Health and Safety information;
  • provide a single repository for the creation, maintenance and storage of Programme and Module data, enabling re-use of consistent information for different processes across the university.
  • provide staff-centred management of administrative processes.

Staff Development

  • deliver development opportunities appropriate for both the individual and the organisation
  • deliver role-based training which is congruent to performance management
  • enable the capture of staff development and training information on one record with real-time interaction from the online personnel management and finance systems
  • ensure the capture and dissemination of innovation and best practice
  • provide support to succession planning across the organisation
  • provide support to a performance management process
  • provide support to the integration of performance management and continuing professional development

Service Levels

The following service levels are predicted when the programme is fully implemented:

Capability Service Level
1. General customer service activities
1a. Enquiry request On demand
1b. Enquiry acknowledged Within 1 working day of receipt
1c. Enquiry assigned Within 1 working day of receipt
1d. Communications to enquirer By arrangement until closure
' '
2. Application for Research Funding
2a. Request for Assistance with Application Within 5 working days of request
2b. Application Review and Authorisation Within 5 working days of receipt
2c. Contract Negotiation By arrangement
2d. Award Confirmation to Sponsor Within 5 working day(s) of receipt
2e. SAP Cost Centre Setup Within 1 working day of award confirmation
' '
3. Transparent Management of Research Projects
3a. Progress and Expenditure Reports Monthly and on-demand
' '
4. Document Management and Archiving
4a. Requests to access archive Within 1 working day of request
' '
5. Virtual Team Working and Collaboration
5a. Requests for virtual environment setup Within 5 working days of request
' '
6. Management Information
6a. Requests for standard reports On demand
6b. Requests for ad hoc reports Within 5 working days of request
6c. Statutory reports To agencies deadlines
6d. Research Funding Benchmarking Annually
' '
7. Administration of Research Students
7a. Enquiry handling Refer to 1a.
7b. Process application forms Within 5 days of receipt
7c. Process offers Within 10 days of receipt
7d. Registration On demand following offer
7e. Fee payment On demand following offer
7f. Assessment process 30 days following thesis submission
7g. awards (delivery of pass lists to registry) 5 days following assessment
' '
8. Experts Database
8a. Request for registering subject expertise Within 5 working days of request
8b. Request for subject expert Refer to 1a.

Key Performance Indicators


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