Stafford the Electric-Shunting Engine and Friends (Douglas/Salty Version) Wooden Railway was a fan-fictioned thing to make.



  1. Stafford the Electric-Shunting Engine
  2. Big Bird the Yellow Bird
  3. Kelly the Crane
  4. Patrick the Cement Mixer
  5. Trevor the Traction Engine
  6. Puffa the Steam Engine
  7. BoCo the Diesel
  8. Splatter the Purple Diesel
  9. Dodge the Green Diesel
  10. Elizabeth the Vintage Lorry


  1. Bash the Logging Locomotive
  2. Lorry 1 the Horrid Lorry
  3. Lorry 2 the Horrid Lorry
  4. Scruffey the Truck
  5. Annie the Coach
  6. Byron the Bulldozer


  1. Dash the Logging Locomotive
  2. Harvey the Crane Engine
  3. Sir Handel the Narrow Gauge Engine


  1. Butch the Breakdown Truck


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