Arnold fighting Costume Kid

Mr Arnold fighting Costume Kid

Stage is the ninth episode of Costume Kid. It involves only two characters: Costume Kid and Arnold Keys, the Kid's father.


The episode opens with Costume Kid running out of the theatre where he and his father were attending a live, on-stage performance of Black Books.

Once outside, the two began fighting, Mr Arnold using a bullwhip! Kid fought back while exclaiming, "Never take me to the theatre again!"

But then, Kid looked out, and saw the entire audience before him. It was only then that he realized he was not outside: He was on the stage!

So, to the audience he said, "Yeah everybody. There'll be more fighting and punching next time." Then, he took a bow, and left the stage, exiting stage right.


Stage (Costume Kid episode)02:55

Stage (Costume Kid episode)

Stage (ninth Costume Kid episode)

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