Hero Name: Stalking Shadow
Legal Name: Dominic Jackson
Age: 35
Birthplace: Oakland, CA
Marital Status: Single
Rank: Patroller (See status)
Fighting Style: Blaster
Weapon of Choice: Assault Rifle/Devices
Origin of Powers: Technology
Code Name: @Stalking Shadow

Special Accolades: Atlas Medallion, Longbow Reservist, Stalwart Medallion

Stalking Shadow joined the patrol in July of 2004. In September of 2004, he was promoted to Leftenant following a favorable review by DPUS administrative staff.

Stalking Shadow has recieved numerous citations for use of excessive force in the field, however, he has been cleared of all wrong-doing by Dawn Patrol Homeland, DPUS, and the Freedom Corps.

In 2005, Stalking Shadow engaged in an investigation into the narcotic/nano-weapon codenamed "Vitriol". His investigation peaked in 2006, when he was captured in North Korea, by a rogue general of the Chinese People's Army. After his rescue in September 2006 by a task force of Dawn Patrollers and other American allies, he returned to DPUS for debriefing, and was granted sick leave for severe mental trauma related to his captivity.

In October 2006, Stalking Shadow was reported AWOL, after the standard 30 day waiting period, his name was stricken from the record. He returned to Paragon City in April of 2007, and hired by Lt. Alumette to return as a tactical consultant under DP Contractor Code GR-10-B

Prior to employment with the Dawn Patrol, Stalking Shadow worked as a freelance security operative for large corporations.

Hero Status: Under contract.

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