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This is Stampede, the Stamp Collecting Wiki! This is a place for wikians to explore their passion for studying and/or collecting postage stamps! Features will include users having their own virtual stamp album, creation of "cinderella" stamps for laughs, sharing knowledge and techniques, hosting blank album pages, etc.

When you collect stamps, one is also collecting history, so from time to time there will be a historical article, illustrated by the stamp or stamps that capture the essence of that point in history. For instance, during the Vietnam war, East Germany had a semi-postal (or charity) stamp that was designed to raise money for the communist fighters in that war. Not a lot of people know that. But that's the whole point of a wiki, to distribute knowledge.

For instance, a great article would be a piece explaining how to put together a stamp collection reflecting Germany's conquests up to and during World War II, with occupation stamps arranged by country or by era, with the fortunes of war reflected in the stamps issued finishing, full circle, with the occupation stamps issued by the allies during the time they occupied Germany. Bringing all of that information together into one place would be a great way to show how stamp collecting is actually history collecting, and how vital postage stamps are as a way to understand and appreciate history.

This wiki is limited only by the imagination. While stamp collecting is a relatively new hobby as stamps have only been around for about 170 years or so, there is a lot of information and often beautiful or facinating things about stamps. It is almost a miracle that something so ordinary and basic as a postage stamp can become an object of facination and desire in a very special way. I believe that a wiki can explore this subject in a totally new way and perhaps even create a valuable new resource for stamp collecting that, in the true wiki spirit, belongs to the world.

Please be patient while I get this started. It's going to take time for this to get up and running. But one of my passions is stamp collecting, so I'm confident this will be successful.

Perhaps you'll agree with me.

--Hrodulf 16:41, 9 January 2007 (UTC)

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