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Random Game Features

Story Features

  • Bosses are enemies of Sly's ansestors
  • Panda King and Dimitri got captured by a criminal that was once a police officer and also trapped with the rest of the Fiendish Five and Klaww Gang.

User Avatars

    • Purchase accessories
    • Personal inventory
    • Character creation
    • Profile page
    • Evolving personal story
    • Photo album
    • Webcam connection

Scoring Features

    • Leaderboard
    • XBox 360 Accomplishments
    • Unlockable content
    • Personality-generated "Aspirations"


    • iTunes Library
    • User generated

User Interface

    • Keyboard / Mouse
    • Haptics force feedback device


    • Random "Event" System
    • Rare Items
    • Auction House
    • Item Marketplace (Trading Post)
    • Banks
    • Job/Career Paths

Help System

    • Dynamically updating system

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