Here's a list of some graphic engines that have already been developed. We should probably make use of one to save us lots of time..

3D Graphics Engines

=== Free Engines ===
OGRE 3D Engine
 Lots of support, very comprehensive.
 OpenGL and Direct3D support -- built in C++, cross-platform
 Features page
Crystal Space Engine
 Less developed than OGRE, but comes with a built in game engine layer (see CEL).  
 Written in C++/OpenGL exclusively, with support for Python.  Has sound support, too!
Baja Engine
 Indy project?  Developed by a guy at Stanford, it seems.
 Looks to be mostly a renderer for 3D adventure games.

=== Licensed Engines ===
Torque Engine
 Most support of any engine.  Pre-packaged with lots of tools we'll have to make.
 I won't bother... just, WOW.
XNA Game Studio Express
 Microsoft's libraries for developing on the XBox 360 in C#.  Free to develop/run on windows -- $49 to run on XBox 360, locally.
 Has support from Turbo Squid for art content usable on the 360.
 Lacks feature richness of something like Torque, but is our only way to develop for the 360, if that's what we want.

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