Narrator: It was a busy day at Great Waterton, Billy and Stanley like pulling frieght cars, but none of them like bad engines like Diesel, One day Sir Topham Hatt said

Sir Topham Hatt: You have so much work!

Stanley: Why would you tell us that

Billy: Shhhh

Sir Topham Hatt: Because Sixteen is the only engine left

Stanley: Yes sir

Narrator: Stanley and Billy were'nt happy because Sixteen does bad things, 20 minutes later Sixteen came.

Sixteen: Hello I'm the strongest engine.

Stanley: No I'm the strongest.

Sixteen: Then i can help you.

Narrator: And with that Sixteen shunted 8 trucks together, then 16, then 18, soon an enourmus line of 25 cars are waiting for Stanley, Stanley dosen't believe it.

Billy: I think you can try.

Narrator: So as Stanley did he was puffing up the hill, the hill was steep and Stanley was trying his best, Suddenly the coupling snapped and Stanley's train came racing down the hill Billy watched as the cars crashed into the Coal Station, as the Coal Station crashed dust and coal flew everywhere, All the hard work was wasted and Sixteen felt worst of all, The next day Sir Topham Hatt arrived he was very cross.

Sir Topham Hatt: This is a disaster! Sixteen! Why did you shunt so many frieght cars for Stanley?

Narrator: Sixteen ignored him. Billy started to whisper.

Billy: Sixteen wants to fail Stanley.

Alice: Why would Sixteen do something like that

Mirabel: Sixteen would never do that.

Narrator: Said Mirabel but she was worried. As soon as the Coal Station was fixed Sir Topham Hatt said.

Sir Topham Hatt: You may not be invited to this railway Sixteen now Billy and Stanley Can you handle all this work by yourselves.

Billy and Stanley: Yes.

Narrator: Whistling Cheerfully they puffed back to work while Stanley puffed slowly away.

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