Stanley, Billy & Sixteen is the seventh Season 17 Thomas & Friends episode. It first aired in October 4, 2013. Made by SuperMalechi.


Stanley and Billy are tired from their hard work at the Haurbor. Sir Topham Hatt sends for another engine, which was 16, the Reddish-Brown Saddletank engine, from the Mainland. 16 is rude to Stanley and Billy, and one day, Sir Topham Hatt tells 16 to take coal cars to the Haurbor. But 16 refuses and steals Billy's empty Frieght cars (that Billy is to take to the smelter yards) to load steel onto the cars, and 16 takes them on the way to the Haurbor, but the Frieght cars push him down the line, and at the Haurbor, 16 hits the buffers and flies across a canel, splashing into the sea, floating like a boat, and comes to a stop at the end of the dock, which was at Brendom Docks. Sir Topham Hatt hears the news, and sends Stanley take him and Rocky to 16, when Stanley arrives with Rocky and Sir Topham Hatt, Sir Topham Hatt scolds 16 for his foolishness, and he has another engine to do his work, and 16 is sent away, and Billy takes his steel cars to the station, while Edward takes 16's Frieght cars to the station.


  • Stanley
  • Edward
  • Billy
  • Sixteen
  • Rocky
  • Sir Topham Hatt


  • Recreated CGI flashbacks from "Can Over Wheels" are used.

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