Stanley the Tool (originally "Stanley the Plaid") is the Overlord of the Plaid tribe.


Stanley the Tool



Race: Men
Tribe: Plaid (nearly lost tribe)
Class: Overlord


Before the story started, Stanley started out as a piker-class infantry under the command of King Saline IV of the Plaid. Eventually, Stanley was promoted to a warlord by Saline, and he found the Arkenhammer, tamed Dwagons, and was eventually promoted to the Heir Designate of Saline.

At one point, Stanley took a number of the Plaid's casters, Sizemore Rockwell among them, on a special mission of undisclosed parameters; when Stanley's group returned to Gobwin Knob, they found that it had fallen to a coup d’état from the gobwins breaking their alliance. With the dwagons, casters, and the bonus from the Arkenhammer, Stanley easily retook the city and became the Overlord of the Plaid.

At some time before The Battle for Gobwin Knob begins, Stanley razed the Kingdom of Faq.

As the story opens, Stanley's realm has been whittled down from eleven cities to only his capital city of Gobwin Knob, and a large enemy alliance is approaching to conquer this last stronghold.

His title "the Tool" was the result of a misunderstanding. Shortly after Wanda Firebaugh summoned Parson Gotti to serve as Stanley's new Chief Warlord, she cautioned him to address Stanley with a respectful title. Parson claimed that, where he came from, the highest title of respect was "Tool". Stanley interpreted this covert insult as a high compliment, since it appeared to relate to his ongoing quest to obtain the Arkentools, and decreed that he would henceforth be addressed as "Stanley the Tool".

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