Star Butterfly is the main protagonist, the love interest of Kick Buttowski, and one of the girls that Dipper is frightened of appearing in Star Versus The Forces of Evil. She has long blond hair, blue eyes and has a red horned hairband on top of her head. Her main outfit is composed of: a green short sleeved dress, purple and orange longstockings and purple boots. She is voiced by Eden Sher. At her age, she is 14 years old.


  • Queen Moon Butterfly (Mother)
  • King River Butterfly (Father)
  • Kick Buttowski (Love Interest)
  • Dipper Pines (Biggest Fan)
  • Brittney Wong (Rival)


  1.  Feeling popular to Kick
  2.  Being at her stake
  3.  Using her wand


  1.  Ruining her look
  2.  The way Brittney Wong treats her
  3.  Losing her wand

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