The Star Peninsula is a region in Vovatra.


The peninsula extends from the northeast part of the M Plains, past the town of Temuqivis. It is bordered on the north by the North Sea and on the south by the Vovatra Ocean. It is mostly a flat plain with few hills.


The climate is cool, but not as cold as the Sun or Moon Peninsulas.

Human Geography and Economics

The only notable town is Flarville, on a hill near the peninsula's base. There are a few other villages further along the peninsula.

The primary products are cattle along the south coast; Emanopan mining along the north coast, with the resources more accessible than in the Southern Tundra; and Chodi spice production, the Chodi tree having been imported from the Spice Forest.


The peninsula is home to several medium-to-minor parties, including The Economic Restoration, the Green Liberation Federation, V Solidary Democracy and Monarchy for Workers.

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