A not-so-long time ago in an even more not-so-far away galaxy......A civil war between good and evil cartoons was beginning. The Dark One wanted to get his hands on the ultimate death weapon: the Dark Star. Prince Snap tried in all his power to keep the blueprints of the Dark Star out of the Dark One's grasp. This is where our story begins................

Prince Snap: Mor2J2, RigbyP0! Report immediately to the captain's station.

Mor2J2: What dude?

RigbyP0: Ahem?

Mor2J2: Oh, right! I mean, what do you require, Your Highness?

Prince Snap: These are the plans to a weapon of mass chaos. I need you to guard it.

Mor2J2: Sure thing, Sire!

RigbyP0: We'll protect it with our robotic lives.


Prince Snap: Oh no!

Dark One: Prince Snap! I am coming aboard! Prepare to surrender!

Prince Snap: Quick! Get to the escape pods!

(RigbyP0 and Mor2J2 run off)

Dark One: Hello, Prince!

Prince Snap: (Gasp!)

A while later, on a nearby planet...........

RigbyP0: (Huff) I don't think I'll make it!

Mor2J2: (Puff) And going DOooWwN!.......

(RigbyP0 and Mor2J2 faint)

Applejack: Alright you two, giddyup!

Mor2J2: Ughh...Huh!?

RigbyP0: Dude, we've been hijacked by a salespony!

(Applejack rings doorbell)

Abby: Hello?

Applejack: Hello ma'm, would you like to by this toaster and refigerator?

Abby: I guess. They look pretty darn sweet!

Applejack: Pleasure doin' business with ya.

Mor2J2: Okay, first off, we are service drones, NOT appliances, second, we can't stay here! We have a mission to carry out!

Abby: Really? What would that be?

(Projector shoots out of Mor2J2's eyes)

Prince Snap Hologram: Help me Pinkie Wan Kadinkie!

Abby: (Gasp!) The prince! Quick! Get inside! This is important!

Prince Snap Hologram: Help me Pinkie Wan Kadinkie! The Dark One wants to get his hands on the Dark Star! I need your help to stop him! Please?!

Abby: We have to find this Pinkie Wan Kadinkie! The fate of the universe depends on it!

Mor2J2: Not to interupt, but who exactly are you?

Abby: The name's Abby Sweetsinger! You?

Mor2J2: I'm Mor2J2 and this is RigbyP0.

Abby: Now that our intros are out of the way, we're off!

To be continued.....

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